Colin Searle has over 40 years experience working with wood.

He has been instructing for more than 20 of those years. Firstly with Roy Sutton, who was well known in the world of routing for many years, and latterly from his own workshop in Tonbridge, Kent.

Courses are run on a one day basis for 1 to 3 students and are as follows:

  • Basic Routing....................75
  • Advanced Routing............95
  • Wood Machining..............100

The days start at 09:00 for 09:30 and a light lunch plus refreshments are provided, courses should finish about 4:30-5:00.

Course Information

Basic Routing Course 75

This one-day basic routing course is for the first time user, or those with minimal experience in routing. The basic function of the router and all its components, including router cutters and their care are explained. This course is about 'hands-on' use of the router. It also includes use of templates, jigs and router tables.

  • Course content:
  • Basic routing techniques
  • Safety, care and maintenance
  • Use of side fence
  • Use of cutters and jigs
  • Guide bush and template work
  • Trammel bar
  • Using router tables

Advanced Routing Course 95

This course is based on the assumption that the woodworker has used a router and has knowledge of basic functions and fundamentals of routing. Again the course is 'hands on' resulting in the construction of a small wall cabinet which the students take home.

  • Course content:
  • Basic joinery techniques
  • Accurate routing
  • Designing a project
  • Setting and using the dovetail jig
  • Panel door making
  • Use of the Profile/Scribe and raised panel cutters
  • Shaped work, rebating, grooving and moulding
  • How templates improve efficiency
  • Using router tables

One Day Wood Machining Courses 100

  • Course content:
  • Regulations and Safe use of:
  • Circular Saw
  • Planer Thicknesser
  • Band Saw
  • (The above 3 tools are taught in a 1-day course)

Hi Colin,
4 of our guys have recently attended some router training with you and I just wanted to say thank you as they really enjoyed your training and have come back more assured about how to use the equipment. Really well done - I'm sure we'll be in touch again when we look at our next round of training. Best wishes,

Hi Colin
Thank you for the machining course. What can I say-I just wish I'd known about it before, I would have gained so much by doing things better-even disciplining me into always using face/edge.
Anyway I think the next course for me would be the advanced routing which I know I will also find very useful. Thanks,

Just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed my basic routing course. What I didn't know about routing would fill a very large volume! Fortunately, after Colin's (very) patient instruction the volume is now somewhat reduced in size; still a lot to learn though! The course is very comprehensive and incredibly good value for money, thank you for being so hospitable and thank you also for lunch which was very nice.
Colin Eastland

Hello Colin,
Many thanks for the course I attended there on 26th Oct. I really enjoyed it and got several ideas how to approach some of my own projects. I like your style, approach and friendly manner combined with your professionalism and expertise. Well done and as the old adage goes " behind every successful man there is a successful woman" The lunch was great and the map of your location.
Kind regards,
Eamon Magee

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